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Welcome To Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution Experts (CADRE)

The Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution Experts, or CADRE, is a platform for arbitrators, mediators, adjudicators, and other experts to facilitate alternative dispute resolution.


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‘CADRE includes a rapidly growing database and connected network of Alternative Dispute Resolution Experts and ADR institutions operating in the UK and internationally, focused on improving experiences both of ADR experts, their clients and the relationship between the ADR Expert, client and supporting services.’


We match clients with ADR experts who suit their needs. CADRE is the bridge between ADR experts, ADR institutions, clients and supporting personnel or organisations.


And we offer many ways for ADR experts to network, including both face-to-face, and virtual meetings, conference, talks, and events.


Our founding principles are equity, accessibility and inclusion – for clients and professionals. We strive to offer social value as well as a highly skilled, responsive and socially responsible ADR network. At CADRE we value diversity and seek to exemplify that in our members and our client base. In addition to offering a high quality and affordable, we aim to make a positive contribution to society in general by our approach to proactive dispute resolution

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A network of ADR Experts, facilitating connections between colleagues and clients.

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